Wesleyan to Host “Engaging Our World”

West Virginia Wesleyan College and Oxfam America will co-host the 2008 “Engaging Our World” Conference this October in Buckhannon, WV!

This will mark the fourth annual “Engaging Our World” conference. Previously, the conference has been held at the University of Louisville, Berea College and Wofford College. The conference will be supported in various ways by Oxfam America, the Bonner Foundation, state and national organizations and student-led campus groups, and will be coordinated by students at WVWC.

Every year the students who attend this conference strive to have a greater understanding of the issues facing our world today, and how to effectively work toward solving those issues. The conference offers information and opportunities for students to get involved in many issues of social justice awareness, and to bring this awareness and ‘plans for action’ back to their individual campuses. Wesleyan students attended the conference last year at Wofford College and it has inspired our school to take up the cause this year. Motivated students and faculty have stepped up to assist in the planning process and are passionate about making this conference a reality.

Please check back later this summer for more information and a link to the conference website!


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