Kitty Travels to India

Kitty Correal, a junior at WVWC, will travel to India to serve as a teacher’s aide in three different schools:

I am leaving on the May 29, 2008 and will arrive in India on the 31st (Indian time). While there, I will be staying on the Balar Kalvi campus where the three schools I will work at are located.

The Anita School for Matriculation is an English speaking school that also has an interact program that I hope to participate in. The Balar Kalvi school is a Tamil speaking school and the Opportunity School is a school for the mentally handicapped. I will be helping out all three schools during my time there by assisting the teachers and heads of the schools in whatever they need me to do. I will be located in Chennai, India (which used to be Madras) in the state Tamil Nadu (southern India). I hope to be there until the middle of July, because I would like to travel a bit before I come home August 5th.

For a more detailed account of Kitty’s service trip, please visit the WVWC press release written by Bob Skinner, director of marketing and communication.


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