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Wesleyan Students Organize for “Invisible Children”


Juniors Jennifer Garcia and Rachel Stackpole are two Wesleyan students who have started organizing a campus chapter of Invisible Children. I recently sat down with Rachel to talk about the work that her, Jennifer and their peers are doing for this international social justice non-profit.

Me: So, what is Invisible Children (IC)?
RJ: Well, IC is a non-profit organization based in San Diego, CA that basically brings security to the people of Uganda, rebuilding their lives which have been torn apart from war and genocide. IC does this by bringing people out of impoverished communities, such as the “internally displaced persons” camps, and into safer environments, such as new schools.

Me: Is there a campaign that IC is currently working on?
RJ: IC’s newest project is “Schools for Schools”, where schools around the world can sponsor a specific school being built in Uganda by raising money and collecting books. This helps give the children a chance at an education away from war-torn communities. At the end of fundraising, the school with the most money gets to send one of their own students to Uganda to work with IC. I’ve actually had a few friends go over to Uganda with IC, and they said that they received nothing but constant thanks from those who have benefited from the project.

Me: So, what is the WVWC campus group working on right now?
RJ: Well, not only are we working on the “Schools for Schools” project, but also making an official campus group, trying to get faculty, staff, and students involved, and hosting fundraising events, movie screenings, and campus competitions. Basically anything and everything to get the word out about IC!

Me: How can folks learn more?
RJ: Anyone interested in IC at Wesleyan can visit our newly created wiki: The official IC website also has some great information and resources:

Thanks Rachel! For more information on Invisible Children, check out the websites above!


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